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Alright, guys. I need your help.

Could you, maybe, for once, just sign something because it's for the greater good?

This is for the health of a singer/songwriter named Gabe Saporta of the bands Midtown and Cobra Starship. He has a cyst on his vocal chords. This could severely damage them permanently if the stubborn ass doesn't STOP TOURING and get surgery. I would rather he think of himself and get medical help, than think of the fans and ruin his voice. Unfortunately, he's too stubborn to listen to the reason of his bandmates. Maybe he'll listen to his fans. Below is a petition I need you all to sign. Don't do it for me, but do it for a great vocalist, and, probably the most stubborn man we may ever meet.

Thank you guys for taking the TWENTY SECONDS it takes to do this. It's much appreciated, not only by me.
Tags: gabe saporta's health, petition to save gabe's voice, vocal cysts
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